We get our best design ideas from the images we find in all manner of media. Magazines, blogs, catalogs and retailer sites are just a few of the things we scour for inspiration. Feel free to view our images that we hope will inspire you! We can help make it happen!


Closets and wardrobes

Reach-in and walk-in closets, bedrooms, under-utilized rooms and storage spaces are all candidates for organization and storage solutions. Convert the 4th bedroom into a dressing room with an island and seating. Remove the wire shelving from your hall linen closet and create a better organized space. Place a wardrobe in a bedroom to add to the more storage without any remodeling.


Pantries and Cellars

Update the reach-in, walk-in, and/or Butler's Pantry in the house. Add open storage in the kitchen or basement. Adding a bar, or a tasting room in your home? Maybe you're opening a new restaurant or wine bar? Let us design and install a cellar unit for your prized wine and spirits collection. 


Office and MEDIA

Everyone needs a dedicated workspace for better organization and productivity. Free up that kitchen or dining room table so you can actually use it for meals with family and friends again. Update your office at your place of business with a new work surface and storage so you can find that file you just can seem to locate under the other files and papers.

Media centers/walls provide storage and a clean look in the living room, media room, or the board room. No more wires and cables showing, and plenty of places to store the speakers, DVDs, games and gadgets that are cluttering up the space.


Utility and garage

Convert a hall coat closet into a drop-off zone. Add a bench, hooks and cabinets in an entryway for storage. Organize the laundry room, mudroom or both by adding cabinetry, shelving and work surfaces to make the space more enjoyable to use. 

Get your garage floor space back and park that increasingly more expensive car or truck out of the elements! Don't forget to add storage and work surfaces to your shop or craft area too.